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Will it snow this winter?

During the year I have received several messages through this blog, all have been interesting. Thank you. Several messages were interested in Dorset Police and these contacts I have passed on to Ian who hopes to be bringing you a history of the Dorset Police force and the Policemen who walked our streets, in 2018. Other messages were members of the Beck or House family, I have loved meeting you on line and hopefully in person in 2018. Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sylvia Photo of May taken at Blandford Police Station most likely during WW1

Christmas Bells to wish you a Happy Christmas

By piano, boy with violin and girl seated
May and Lionel Beck Celebrating Christmas

I thought I would let Lionel and May wish you a Happy Christmas, can you hear Lionel on the violin accompanied by May on the piano coming to you through the years?  This photograph must have been taken over 100 years ago, around 1910.  The room is the same one as in the photograph here and is at Overton Villas in Dorchester.  Christmas Bells is a one of Ezra Read's 'Descriptive Fantasias' which was popular with music teachers at the time.

Street sceen in the snow (Monmouth Road)
Maumbury Way, now Monmouth Road c1910

This picture in the snow was taken further down the road, most likely from outside Overton Villas.  The only other photograph taken in the snow was at Blandford which is in this post.

The family lived at 6 Overton Villas in Maumbury Way,  the road has been renamed to Monmouth Road and the house renumbered.  The terrace with the name Overton Villas on the first house, is still there. The house looks similar to this now, the upstairs windows are different and the crenellations around the bay window are gone.

Lady and 2 children outside house
6 Overton Villas in Maumbury Way C1909

This photograph shows Rebecca, Lionel and May outside their home.  From the age of the children, I would guess this was taken soon after they moved in. In 1908 Lionel would have been 9 years old and May 7 years.

Wishing all my readers a very Happy Christmas


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  1. Well done, a year of fascinating blogs, I have really enjoyed it.
    Happy Christmas x

  2. Thank you Alison, it is hard to believe that I have done a year of posts. I have a observation test for you next week! Have a lovely Christmas Sylvia

  3. This is lovely! I've managed to locate Ezra Read's Christmas Bells on Amazon and am hoping it will arrive in time for Christmas so that Becky's daughter Laura (named after her great grandmother Laura May) can play it on Christmas Day.
    Happy Christmas!

  4. Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. I have enjoyed your blogs very much and it's so wonderful to see all the photos of the family. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Carol, Lovely to hear from you, that would be great I do hope you get the music in time for Christmas. I hadn't realised that Laura was named for our Grandmother, it would be really special for them both to have played the same music. I remember a piano at Wytherston, I think it is mostly likely to have been May's, which would have meant she kept playing after she married. Happy Christmas Sylvia

  6. Heather, thank you for your kind comments. I am so happy that you got in touch with me, I didn't expect to find new cousins. Happy Christmas Sylvia

  7. Love the photos Sylvia, especially the houses from Monmouth Road , its always a treat reading your blog ! Happy Christmas , from all in the North East. IAN

  8. Thank you Ian, especially for all your help and encouragement I do appreciate it. It is lovely when dependents of policemen get in touch with us though the blog. Happy Christmas Sylvia

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